What we see around us however shows that this feels like a tall order. Crumbled relationships and crashed marriages make it feel like happily-ever-after is too much to seek, too much to ask for.

But that is really not the case. Your relationship can last really long and in the next paragraphs below, we present some practical steps to take to achieve this goal:

1. You really can’t sidestep communication

This can’t possibly be said enough. Communication is key. Whether you are living together or it's a long distance relationship, it takes good conversations to strengthen the bond and keep the magic happening. Indulge in some sweet talks, talk about the mundane stuff, talk about anything, everything.

It’s a rule you cannot sidestep or do away with if you intend to be with someone for a long time. Communication adds a lot of meaning to your relationship.

Limiting your communication with other woman once you are married is actually quite important

2. Do something special on a regular basis

Special things don’t even have to be grand things. For many, it is actually little things done in love and with romantic timeliness that actually count the most.

Call them every day just to touch base for a few minutes. Make their favorite meal once a week. All those little things that just make them smile and feel thought about and cared for. Be ceaseless with them.

Grand gestures of love are welcome, too.

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3. Teach your partner what you like

This applies in both a sexual sense and non-sexual sense. Let him or her know what makes you feel good, what makes you feel loved and happy.

Making you happy will surely make your partner feel good. And research shows that the sexual pleasure of one partner increases the pleasure of the other partner.

You have to be selfless enough to about things that make your partner happiest [Credit - Ask Men]
ask men

4. Learn your partner’s love language

There really is something about knowing what someone likes, and doing it the way the want it done. So it is not enough to teach your partner about what you like and enjoy, you have to be selfless enough to learn about them, too, and the things that they like and enjoy.

It is better to be infinitely crazy than to be boring. (Credit - avalidreview)

5. Crazy is better than boring

To avoid getting bored and in your relationship, make sure that you're still goofing around like you did when you first met.

According to Jonathan Bennett, an American relationship/dating coach, it is important to "give yourself permission to be silly — it’s easy to take relationships way too seriously,

“you don’t always have to be on your best behavior. Sometimes, it’s OK to simply have mindless laughter and goof around with your significant other."

Not only should you be silly together, you should keep that fun side going when it comes to flirting. Simply because, it is better to be infinitely crazy than to be boring.