When you are married and all has been said and done, how do you ensure that your sex life remains topnotch? The simple answer is in assessments. Regular sex assessments!

Now this works pretty much like how students assessments work in schools. For a period, teachers come and go into classes, dropping knowledge, teaching about various stuff to the best of their capability. After a while, it would be time for exams and with that, the teachers test how much each student understands what he or she has been taught all along.

With partners who have been married and have [OF COURSE!] begun to do the do, there is a tendency to trail off and begin to just perform these sexual acts out of need, as a chore, and no longer to please each other, express themselves or to enjoy every single moment.

It is for this reason that it becomes very necessary to regularly assess each other’s sexual needs and satisfaction level. Ask each other questions and inquire frankly about what they think about your sex life with them. If you refuse to do this, you would be risking the reduction of the sparks in your marriage.

And how would you get this done if not by communication?! We have written this valid advice here about why you and your partner should always talk about sex and your sex life in a way that will advance the pleasure and make the bond stronger between you two! What this means is that there should be no shyness, no judgement and no negativity when one partner reveals some truths to the other about his or sexual performance.

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With your husband or wife, what you need to create is a safe haven, a safe atmosphere where issues like these can be discussed without fear of backlash or condemnation. And when a partner asks for some sexual thing to be done better or more frequently, what do you do? Give it to him or her the way they want it! Provided, of course, that what they are asking for is something you are both cool with.

Following this statement, we need to say here that sometimes, popular prejudice and negative behaviour to some things, like sextingand sending nudes to your partner, may make you want to desist from it without even giving it a trial. That’s why we recommend that you grow an adventurous spirit! It’s your husband after all. And that is your wife, too! You both should be free enough with each other to try as many sexual things as possible and decide which ones you like and which ones do not work, instead of basing all your judgement on what people are saying!

You will be surprised at the many things you would be missing out on if you allow opinions of others guide what you do with your partner!