If you are in a relationship with someone who is mature enough to have a firm grip on their emotions and have permanently crossed the line between immaturity and maturity, here are ways you’d know:

Your arguments are few and far between

While you cannot completely rule out arguments and conflicts when two people relate, with a partner who is mature, you get that only very few times.

The regularity of conflict and quarrels in a relationship speaks a lot about the couple and their ability to reach long -lasting solutions to their issues. It also does not speak well of their understanding of each other and sensitivity to each other.

The chances of this are cut really low when you are with a mature partner who understands the importance of learning about you as quickly as they can.

Here are ways to know you're dating a mature partner. [Credit: LovePanky]

Productive arguments

You don’t just have shouting matches or ugly quarrels with one another in an attempt to put each other down, but for a more noble purpose.

When you do get into arguments with your significant other, the end result is usually something productive because your partner keeps an open mind and is very respectful of the things you’ve got to say even when they disagree.

Your partner's respect for you is never in question [Credit: BBQ Party Girl]

Their respect is never in question

Even at their angriest, they recognize your important role in their lives and accord you that respect you.

Their respect is total and absolute. They respect your opinions, your feelings, your values and all that you hold dear.

They also respect your outlook on life and of course, their relationship with you.

They’re good people

Not just to you but to others. They are good regardless of gender, time, place or race.

Their goodness is constant and their kindness and respect of people, their beliefs and opinion is genuine as well.

Your partner is a good person and it's not just to you [Credit - Shutterstock]

They’re self-sufficient

Mature people are self-sufficient. They do not need to be told to know the right thing to do, and even when they are, they do not need to be told twice.

If your man or woman is a mature one, it’ll tell on your relationship in the way they value your relationship and time spent with you but they are just as good and OK on their own. Their presence in your life is not choking or limiting in any way.