You know that tingling feeling you get when you like someone so much?

It's often said that that is common sense creeping out of your body, leaving you exposed and open to doing all sorts of ‘crazy’ and ‘illogical’ things because love is strong on the brain.

Here's the thing, you're not alone in that. Everyone who has been in love, at least once, can relate with that feeling.

When love is strong on the brain, people do a lot of 'crazy' stuff. Guys fall in love and before you know it, they’re doing all the loved-up stuff they swore to never do.

Babes fall in love and they’re doing all the things they swore to never do for a guy. Even more.

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It’s an unending merry-go-round, one which involves single people listing things they’ll never do for a partner.

And also how they want to be while in relationships. But then, as soon as they fall in love and all those good romantic feelings descend on them, they lose sight of those plans they had logically laid in their hearts.

People just go with the love flow, which sometimes tosses them towards doing crazy things – all in the name of love, of course.

So, in your opinion, which of the genders gets most affected by this? Vote in the poll below: who does more crazy things when in love, men or women?

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