34-yr-old Marie Kenfick Henry thought she would see the last of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Polymyositis after her lungs were replaced two years ago after a successful transplant.

Henry met Sean Piles as she began to live her new life, five months after they got engaged, the couple were hit with a devastating news.

The bride-to-be's body was rejecting the new lung.

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Surgery was ruled out by doctors and Marie has little chance of surviving as a result of her remaining lung being overworked and damaged.

The bride's friends Joe Parfitt and Michelle Newport swung into action by launching a fundraising page to raise £6,500 to give her the big day she has always wanted.

And with more than £1,500 raised in a day they are even hoping to send them on honeymoon.

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“I’ve just been speaking to Marie and we are both just completely overwhelmed by people’s generosity.

“It’s not just the money being donated, I’ve been on the phone all morning, inundated with people offering their services for the wedding, hair, cake - more or less everything seems to be sorted already except for the venue.

“And it is so important for me to get this right, to deliver what I suppose is her dying wish," 34-yr-old Joe said.

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“She would have hoped to have a long time to get money together and plan her wedding - but unfortunately she doesn’t have that luxury now.

“We want to help Marie fulfil every girl’s dream to get married and have the fairytale wedding she so rightly deserves," He added.

Though nobody knows how long Marie has got to live, her friends are hoping to give her a befitting wedding as her dying wish.