On-air personality,Gbemileke Oyinsan got married to fellow OAP, Titi Oyinsan, three years ago after a long, beautiful friendship.

Today, after twin girls, the lovely couple celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

Gbemileke Oyinsan took to instagram to show his love and appreciation for his beautiful wife, Titi with this:

"Oooooh Its 3 years already!!!!Thankyou @titithedynamite for being the God sent wife and mother to our children. It has indeed be a great ride so far. Love you soooooo much iyawo! I dedicate our 3rd yr Anniversary to those who are looking for love and friendhip like we have."

"May you find true friendship in these times when there is every reason not to. (Say Amen o!) Like we promised one another on this faithful day 3 Yrs ago. Aspire, Achieve, Together, Forever TGL2015!(trademarked o!lol)  #tolove #tofriendship #tofamily #tonation #TGL2015"

Titi Oyinsan also took to instagram to show love for husband with this:

"Im Overwhelmed With Joy That God Sent You My Way. I look back and realise that every situation of struggle, hussle, Emotional,Physical and Spiritual Processing i went through before i met you was set to mould me into your partner. And #Ambrubia's Momma."

"After3Years you have done everything in your power to support us and under your guidance and leadership we are always moving forward. God bless you and keep you under the Constant flow of His Grace,Mercy,Bounty and Protection. And i have faith that it will flow from you to us as God has Promised #AspireAchieveTogetherForever#HappyWeddingAnniversaryBaby#TGL2015 #ThreeYearsAintNoJoke#ThanksForMarryingMe #TheBestHusbandAndFatherGodCouldHaveSent #ILoveYou"

Both husband and wife shared adorable pictures of their family.

We wish them many more years of marital bliss!