Whereas older generations were

The commonness of sexually-liberated women has coincided with the emergence of such things as one-night-stands and friend-with-benefits relationships.

In case you do not know, friendship-with-benefits is a kind of sex-heavy relationship which excludes emotional attachment and commitment.

So here’s how it works: you’re not ready for a relationship for reasons best known to you, but you still need to regularly satisfy your sexual cravings.

For men, being in this kind of relationship won’t be that hard, because, as science has proven, men are naturally wired with a higher affinity for sexual release than women. But for women, it may be a little more difficult according to this scientist.

Remember Amy Farrah Fowler of “Big Bang Theory”?

She’s the goofy scientist nerd who was in the most awkward of romantic relationships with another crazy nerd, Sheldon Cooper [Jim Parsons] in that massive sitcom on CBS.

Her real name is Mayim Bialik and she actually has a Ph.D in Neuroscience in real life.

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The 41 year old scientist supports this in one of her Youtube videos, saying, as a matter of fact, that; “for all of evolution, women have carefully selected a mate.

And their hormones and physiology favour careful selection. Men don't need to be as selective because they are constantly able to have sex. Biologically, not just colloquially.

“The male body produces millions of sperm every day. A woman produces one egg per month.”

This, coupled with the fact that women are more likely to have sex with someone they feel emotionally-connected to, has made it difficult for many women to actually be ‘sexually-liberated.’

This is because the concept is to enable women to have the freedom to pick as many sexual partners as possible instead of sticking to just one with whom they usually prefer to have an emotional connection.

Mayim adds that the idea that women can be just as sexually-liberated as men isn’t so valid as it does not align with the different set-up of both sexes.

She says: “I'm here to ruin everybody's good time and to tell you that the assumption that male and female sexuality can be treated pretty much the same is in direct opposition to our biology.”

And this doesn’t just add up, which is why a great number of women can’t be in friend-with-benefits relationships as the involvement of emotions is meant to be ruled out of such affairs.