Somehow, we keep hearing of abuse in relationships and marriages these days.

Of course abuse is not a new thing. It has been around for so long but thankfully more and more people suffering, and those who have suffered abuse are no longer keeping quiet about it.

As we wrote in a previous article, social media is providing a great outlet for many of these victims to call out their abusive partners and cry out for help.

The recent marriage scandals of Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Aigbe-Gentry’s  testify to this.

Uwanma Odefa chooses to concentrate on this theme in her vlog published on  May 1st 2017.

According to her, “Marriage appears to be a jungle of sorts these days, especially for women.”

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And to be able to navigate this, every woman needs to have “five Marriage survival skills [which] will guide towards surviving [an abusive] marriage or relationship.”

Uwanma says self-defense, the financial skills to make, save and grow money, cooking and bedroom skills, blindness and deafness skills and the ability to walk away are the things women can not afford to do without in marriages.

With these 5 skills, every woman would be able to have a shot at true happiness in their relationships and marriages and where a partner changes and leans towards abuse, they’d be ready to take the necessary steps.

Watch Uwanma Odefa give a detailed explanation of these things in the video below.