Our taste in almost everything changes as we get older.

Taste in fashion, in food, our definition of fun changes, our idea of friendship, and for women, of course, the taste in men changes, too.

It is not abnormal that the type of guys you find attractive now will not be attractive to you in a few years.

So, what are the changes women can expect in this sense as they become more mature in age?

Change of interests

Back in the day, you were all for outgoing, fun, party-type guys who spend all their weekends at clubs, but as you grow and become busier and have more responsibilities placed on you, you’ll find out that you’ll swing towards those kind of men whose lifestyles are close to yours.

The party all weekend guys will only remind you of a time in your life when you were younger and less responsible and that’s exactly how you would view those guys.

The abs won’t count anymore

When you are still really young [wild and free], you drool over guys with the flat, ripped stomachs and as a matter of fact, that was all that mattered.

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You placed preference on the sexiness of a man than every other thing, including security, honesty and other traits that make real relationships work.

As you grow, however, you’ll learn that abs will be far down the list of things you’ll be looking for in a man.

You understand yourself better

It is largely a trait of young, inexperienced girls to think they can drastically change a man to suit what their taste in men.

As you grow older, you learn that a man will remain a man, and there’s only a limited change you can permanently make in him.

Don’t get it wrong, it is not a bad thing to settle with a guy who is very close to how you want your ideal man to be.

At least, with little work and some tweaking here and there, he could become perfect for you.

On the other hand, taking on a guy who is a radical departure from everything you believe a man should be is something that no longer happens as you grow older.

Personality over looks

This is not to say you will now settle for only ugly looking men with great personalities. No.

What this means is that, your priority will be on the substance of a man, the things he has on the inside, and not just the outward appearance which used to really freak you while you were younger.

As a woman grows older, her priorities naturally start to lean towards things that will matter in the long run - security, faithfulness, care, support, stability, etc.

Of course, you could strike gold by meeting a man who happens to have a great personality alongside his striking good looks.

That’s every girl’s dream!

Expectations rise

As you get older, you want a little bit more drive from your lover than him just strolling through life with a lackadaisical attitude

You want him to have a solid career, and you may even expect that one day he’ll ask you to marry him.

That’s the point, isn’t it?