Do you like someone who blows the littlest issues out of proportion?

No? Neither do I, or anyone I know.

When you constantly make mountains out molehills, you make it difficult for people to deal with you. let alone someone who calls you partner.

People mess up all the time, and yeah, you are permitted to flip out when your partner does something you really don't like, but there are still some things that can be overlooked. Not everything should be made a fuss about.

So if you are the type that makes everything look bigger than they actually are, this is how you'll know.

1.You expect superfast responses

It does not matter that your partner is busy at work, once your messages are not replied in 10 minutes max, you lose your mind.

2. You take criticism poorly

Every criticism is seen as an attack on your personality and not on the thing being talked about. You refuse to see wrong in the things you do, even though the complainant puts it in the most logical, reasonable and gentle manner possible.

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3. You condemn little omissions

Your partner goes off for a weekend, comes back to relate events to you but missed out just a little [inconsequential] detail in his narration.

You put aside everything he remembers and hammer on that little detail even though it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

4. Your partner tiptoes around you

Another way to detect your overreactive nature is if your partner constantly feels the need to watch his steps around you.

The problem with this is that you could lose the spontaneity in your relationship and thats' not so good.

5. People say you overreact

There's no smoke without fire. So if your friends and family have pointed this out to you, then you surely do.