Recently a certain popular personality expressed her decision to get out more, in the hope of meeting new people, which is a totally admirable move.

Admirable in the sense that flirting is not meant to be for guys alone. Women are supposed to go out and enjoy their days of youth [or their life, whichever one applies to you.]

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Make yourself accessible, flirt and weigh your options in men.

Of course, all these things must be done in moderation and within the limits of reason and good judgement.

Having said that, if perhaps, you do not know how to flirt at all, or you do, but it hasn’t really been going smoothly as you thought it’d be, you might want to consider the list below for what you might be doing wrong:

Questioning his masculinity

Because you’ve set yourself in a flirty mood, questioning a man’s masculinity should be out of the question.

Any action that points to that should be shunned. Massage his ego a bit, get the flow going.

Outdoing him at every turn

Even if you observe that you are more intelligent than he is, or have more knowledge than him on many topics, flirting isn’t just about making yourself look great, it’s about making him feel great too.

Of course, if you have a thing against men that are not as intelligent as you, [even though they are intelligent in their own right] this might not work for you.

Your choice of words

It is not particularly OK to use the word ‘cute’ for any adult male.

Why not replace such words for something that ‘Hot’ and watch him feel like a hunk!

Waving away all compliments

You might be a master at deflecting compliments, but you can’t be doing that if you really are serious about flirting.

You need to keep him engaged, and rejecting every single compliment is not the way to go about it.

Not flirting back

A colleague was telling me last week about a certain babe who is a big fan of Richard Mofe Damijo’s, and when she finally met him at an event, she could not even bring herself to say hello, despite the fact that her friends literally pushed all night long to go say hello, at least.

That scenario above perfectly explains my point here.

Many times, you put yourself in a position to meet a gorgeous guy and when he comes around, you clamp shut your mouth and can’t bring yourself to say hello. And even sometimes when he says it, your response sends him running.

You’re out to flirt not to be chased, right?

Please, ma’am, flirt back. That’s how it works.