When the time comes to propose to bae, there are things to do to make it memorable.

If you don’t know, then you need to read our complete guide on how to do so here.

One thing that seems common with a lot of guys is that they do not think of how to propose to the woman of their dreams until the time is pretty close.

If you are already at this stage, note that there are some things women do not want when you are making a marriage proposal to them.

We list them here below:

1. Don’t propose for fear of a breakup

If there’s an issue in the relationship and she threatens to break up with you, you are not allowed to propose during that period.

She’ll see through you immediately and won’t say yes. A proposal does not heal whatever ailment the relationship has.

2. Don’t propose without thought

You need to put some thought into it. You need a plan that either guides you in part or totally.

What you say and how to say it, what you do and how you do it… You totally need to put some thought into it.

The effort counts and will make her feel a lot special.

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3. Don’t do it at her place of work

Especially if she is new at the job or does not particularly like it there.

Also if she is the shy, quiet type that hates crowds and cherishes privacy, you absolutely can’t go to her workplace to propose.

Take it off your mind.

4. When she’s wearing a face mask

Whether it’s a face mask, hair net, pajamas or any other thing that might make her look silly in the photos, women do not like to be proposed to like that.

Of course, it might signify that you love her regardless of what she looks like, but women still generally love to look pretty cool when the proposal comes.