A Scottish bride was forced to push her wedding forward within four hours so her dying mother wouldn't miss out on her big day.

Sarah Dawson and her fiance, Mark Barlow got married at the hospital bedside of the bride's mother, 51-yr-old Rosanne who was dying of pancreatic cancer at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert, Falkirk, Scotland.

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Dawson and Barlow had moved first moved forward the date to October 31, but when Rosanne's condition got worse, the couple realised waiting till the end of the month would be too late.

The wedding was put together by medical staffs who got flowers, cups of tea and digestive biscuits in place of champagne as toast.

Takeaway meals were ordered in place of the feast planned for the October wedding.

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"Although she was heavily sedated to quell the pain, Mum understood everything that was going on,"

"Mum was deteriorating and it struck home exactly how little time we had left with her," 22-yr-old Sarah said.

Rosanne had told the bride that she wasn't going to make it for the wedding, so the couple together with their two children, went to tie the knot in the hospital.

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Sarah's wedding dress quickly got her wedding dress, shoes, called very close family members which included her father Bob, sister Heather and brother Iain, her maternal aunt Agnes Schroeder and cousin Pamela.

They all gathered at the hospital for the wedding and a week later, Rosanne died.