Check out this fashionable couple's photos, deep love story

Ewemade Emokpae of Shakara Couture & Bode Banjoko got married recently, so, in honor of that, we are giving you pictures of their wedding, pre- wedding photos and their beautiful love story.

Ewemade Erhabor Emokpae, and Olubode Banjoko

Here is the beautiful love story of Ewemade Emokpae, founder of Shakara Couture and Bode Banjoko.

From Ewemade:

"We first met over Christmas four years ago. was visiting and I was out with my friends at the  and then went on to for like ten minutes, where a fight broke out and my friends and I beat a hasty retreat. Somehow, and his friends had been at the and then went on to Likwid from there. So, yeah, right place(s) at the right time(s) I guess. Lol!

Well, like I said, he was from out of town. I would come to find out that he lived and worked in all kinds of strange places, so we ended up in the one situation I had sworn, I would never be in, a long distance relationship. However, because of the nature of his job, I could never visit him on site, we would have to travel to be able to see each other. So basically, when we were not having to journey, we would be struggling to keep up with each other’s time zone and would literally be talking from the moment we woke up, till we slept. Every day. It was not easy, but it was well worth it.

Anyway, finally after a year and some months asked me to marry him and now we are those people that have pre-wedding pictures taken #sideeye #whataretheyfeelinglike #I’msorryIwon’thashtagagain."

From Bode:

"When I saw her for the first time, looked a little sad and was not talking. I later got to find out she had recently lost a loved one. My boys and I went out to and she was there with a group of her friends in a black dress…yeah, I remember. Well, I noticed her but she was gone before I could speak with her and I let my blessing slip away, but God had other plans…LOL! Later on that night I ran into her at Likwid and I took advantage of this last opportunity.

With all my confidence, I have to say it was not easy oh! The shakara was real (I mean her behaviour, not her brand) but I made it! Lol! Once we started talking, we just wouldn’t stop and I knew soon after that, that she was “The One”."

The proposal from Ewemade:

"Finally ‘sure boy’ arrives and we start our day. It is a day like any other … save for the fact that this is the day  left us twelve years before. This casts a bit of a pall on the day, but a great deal of time has passed and tears, once so easy to summon..have now dried up and given way to cautious optimism, I am always hopeful but constantly aware that what I love can be taken away from me without so much as a moment’s notice. We spend the day together and are finally done with our day by 11:00 p.m. I go into my room and fall into my mattress (No, not “on”…”into”). There is tired and there is TIRED! I am TIRED. Sure boy offers to get me a drink, I don’t want a drink but I want something nice and healthy … you know, I am watching my weight and have told sure boy over and over that I want him to be my personal trainer so I can look EXACTLY like Beyonce. Not a pound more, not a fraction less. I think for a while and finally announce to him, at this eleven o’clock midnight, in this very dead of night, that I shall be having a bowl of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream, garnished with full-fat marshmallows and generously doused in strawberry sauce."

"Ordinarily, this announcement, like ALL my meal choices, would have sent sure boy into a sleep inducing lecture about health and all such things, but today he simply says “okay, go and get it from the kitchen”. Hmmmmm….I am elated to be having two treats tonight no lecture from sureboy AND a bowl of ice cream?? and it’s not even Christmas!? Things are looking up! I walk into the kitchen and for some reason the lights have been switched off. I turn them on and there in front of me is a box opened up and something in it sparkles. I stand there for a minute trying to understand what is happening. It takes a while for me to process that I am being proposed to! My mind is FULL of questions. I think to myself,

And then I start laughing and laughing and laughing and I haven’t stopped since. Its a new September, the 14th is a new anniversary, this day means a whole new thing now. My mourning has literally been turned into dancing because my adornment has adorned me."

The making of the wedding dress:

The dress…the dress! Kai!

The dress was Shakara Couture. I knew it was ‘the dress’ because I slaved over it for half a year. There was really no choice. I mean, I had wanted to make the dress with someone else, but nobody else seemed to understand me and the ones that did understand, understood TOO well, how much work would be involved in the beading and charged accordingly!

I figured, if I was going to spend that much, I wanted to be there breathing down the neck of the person that was working on the dress…soooo yeah! But I LOVED my dress in the end so it was well worth it.”

My second dress or my performance dress, as it came to be known, was ummm…hmm. It was heavy! Lol!

The material used to make it was completely plastic so the entire dress had to be hand-sewn. That took us a month to finish.”

My third dress was actually my favourite by a mile. I designed it as well and it was exactly what I wanted.”

We wish them the very best.

Photo Credit:

Photography & Pre-Wedding Video: Isaac Emokpae Photography  | 08023413191  emokpaeisaac (at)

Additional Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke

Wedding AttireBride’s Three Dresses: Shakara CoutureBridesmaids Dresses: Shakara CoutureHostesses’ Hats: DebenhamsLittle Bride’s Dress: Shakara CoutureMakeup: Banke Meshida-Lawal of BM|ProHair: Hair by MikkiBouquet: Flower Shop at Lafayette MallGrooms Suit: GucciGroom’s 2nd Outfit & Groomsmen, Page Boy, Ring Bearer Suits: Kimono KollectionSecond Outfit Tuxedo: Boggi

Traditional Wedding AttireAll Groom’s Outfits: Kimono Kollection

Bride’s Bini Wrapper: Shakara CoutureCoral Beads: Bride’s SisterEarrings: AccessorizeGolden Necklace: BCBG Max AzriaSlippers: Guiseppe ZanottiOkuku: Bride’s Sister

Buba and Wrapper: Shakara CoutureEarrings: Oscar De La RentaCuffs: BCBG Max AzriaShoes: Louis VuittonThird (Indian) Outfit: Shakara CoutureShoes: DVFJewellery: BCBG Max Azria

Makeup: Banke Meshida-Lawal of BM|ProGroomsmen & Bride’s Brothers’ Attire: Kimono Kollection and Bunniebees FabricsBridesmaids and Hostesses’ Wrappers: Shakara Couture


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