A marriage proposal after a long courtship is a thing of joy for any couple but should the size of sparkly stone on the engagement ring matter in proposals?

A bride-to-be recently called off her 2-yr relationship after having a huge fight with her fiancé over the single- stone solitaire engagement ring popularly called 'Full-Stop or Dot ring' he proposed to her with .

An Instagram user, Doktor Mofin, he narrates how the lady called off her engagement because of the solitaire ring she termed as "cheap looking".

Read his narration below:

"This article is inspired by an interesting story I heard from a close friend about a guy who proposed to his 2 year girlfriend with a ring which could be referred to as a "Full Stop" or a " Dot ring" i.e the rock was so small and displeasurable to her.

She said YES and accepted the ring but didn't wear it often or put the standard ring finger picture on social media. After a few weeks her boyfriend got angry and confronted her about not posting the ring out there or telling anyone, she lashed out and said this isn't the ring of "my" dreams.

They got into a fight which eventually led to their breakup. My question; Should or does the size of the ring or rock matter in saying yes to your man?

This issue requires a situational approach or solution as we all have different personalities, family background, or orientations. Psychologically and in my opinion a ring should serve as a symbol of love or an interest in starting a new life with another person.

The Price of the ring should be based on ur pocket or account at the time, if a big or small ring comes, it's the gesture / idea that someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you that matters. Most guys want to give their lady a big rock but what if there are more pressing issues like rent, business projects, health issues, will a man leave these things or empty his account for a Big Diamond Rock?

As a couple you can always upgrade your ring in time as you grow financially. Social media and competition amongst friends has made it a " sine qua non" I.e an essential for ladies to have a big rock.

Some ladies that have been proposed to ; change the way they walk or place their fingers a certain way so the world can see. If that ring was very small/tiny/cheap, would u walk and put your hand in a way that will blind our eyes? Do what works for you in your own clime. Don't pass on Love or a good man because of variable which can be made a constant in time #DoktorMofin "