When you go through a break up, your brain sets you up for a whole new beginning.

Many times, the new beginning is with someone totally different, totally new.

On the other hand, it could be a new beginning with the same person!

When people lose what really means a lot to them, they wake up to the realization that they should have treasured and kept such thing more carefully.

Quite a number of them get their acts together, and go in search of a second chance.

So, how does one realise that a former partner is angling for a return?

Clearing the air

What’s the point of trying to clear the air after the relationship is dead and gone already?

When an old girlfriend calls to explain the mistakes they made in the relationship, and that boyfriend calls to talk about how the relationship could have worked if they had improved earlier, this might be their way of trying to get back to how things were.

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The always available help

When your ex is always available to assist or do your bidding, no matter how odd it sounds, they are maybe hoping for a comeback.

One can’t rule out the possibility of them just being nice, though.

But when they are never too busy to come over to help you, or do something for you, it is not beyond the stretch of imagination to conclude that somewhere deep down, they still want you back.

Is your ex always available to be with you no matter when you call or what favor you ask?

Their friends

If an ex misses you and wants you back badly, expect their friends to come over and secretly inform you of that desire.

This is especially so when you both have friends in common.

Talking about feelings

For those that choose to remain friends with their ex, and he or she frequently calls to talk about the past, how and where you went wrong, or any other thing that gets you up in your feelings, they are very likely trying to come back. [Through the back door]

Digging up sweet memories

Does your ex remind you of the lovely, fun, crazy things you did together?

In all probability, they’re doing that only to make you feel the love again.

I miss you

Here is perhaps the biggest sign that your ex wants you back.

When, apparently, everything seems to fail, or when they can’t just bear the wait any longer, they’ll open up to you and tell you that they still miss you.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and there is still nothing wrong with granting second chances.

If you consider your options very well and feel the love deserves another shot, then, why not?

You should by all means take them back. You could be second time lucky!