There’s bound to be a lot to drink and a lot to eat. [Trust Nigerian parties, chop till you drop]

That’s totally expected.

There is also the possibility that in all that merriment and happiness, few tears will be seen. This, also, is quite expected and it’s totally OK.

Of course, the tears shed at wedding ceremonies are usually tears of joy, and can be seen in the following wedding moments…

1. The bride walking down the aisle

Really, nobody plans this, but somehow, watching that bride taking one step after the other down the aisle in her stunning wedding dress for the first time… several eyes just fill up and the joyous, emotions tears roll down the cheeks. [Time to start dabbing]

2. Vows

‘To hold, to love, to cherish… in sickness, in health [sniff]… in riches, in poverty [another sniff]… till death do us part…’

There’s something about reciting these time-hallowed words that moves many couples [and others] to tears.

3. Personalized vows

Seriously, there’s bound to be few teardrops when one of the couple strings together some amazing, poetic words for the other. Especially if the words are really well-written and expressive.

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4. When the bride cries

This is a recurring thing at weddings, but it still has the ability to well up powerful emotions in the bridesmaids, and some other emotional guests.

5. When the groom cries

This happens less often, and explains why every time a groom sheds a tear at a wedding, there will be more than a number of people who will join in the emotional display.

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6. Parents’ tears

When the father of the bride cries as he gives her away, or when they call the mother to pray for her, and mommy/daddy breaks down in tears... awwwn...

7. Emotional speeches

Whether it's mom, dad, the maid of honour or the best man, any good speech can quickly open up the floodgates.