Ex-Cool FM OAP and Nollywood actor, Ejike Ibedilo celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary today, Friday, September 18, 2015.

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The actor celebrated his wife, , Lilian Ibedilo, who he said, he met at the Silverbird Galleria over five years ago.

Though he's currently on the set of another season of undefined Ibedilo took out time to serenade his wife as they celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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Recently, Ibedilo revealed that his wife is a kind hearted beauty, who melted his heart the first time he set his eyes on her.

"Satan hates marriage and is never tired of firing his evil arrows @ it,and unfortunately couples forget to hold up their shield of FAITH to keep away the arrows from hitting it's targets,'" Ibedilo once said about marriage. 'Contrary to a widely held view that Celebrities cannot sustain their homes, their marriages are under even more serious attacks, because the devils is aware of the light of God and the favour of God upon their lives which makes them admired people, Satan knows they are role models to many, so it's easy for them to influence their fans and followers, because a lot of folks model their marriages and life after that of their favourite Celebrities, and that make them a sizzling target for the devil.'