Reports of abusive relationships seem unending these days.

Before one dies down, another pops up. From Tonto Dikeh, to Mercy Aigbe and up to the most recent report from South Africa about the tragic death of a woman who was killed by her partner.

The regularity of these revelations show how more people are using social media to share their sad stories and speak out against domestic violence, and this is really important in the fight to drastically reduce cases of domestic violence, and maybe hopefully bring it to an end.

Before that end is achieved though, the grim truth remains that more people are still in abusive relationships, and many more will still end up with people with such tendencies.

To handle yourself in such situation, According to Uwanma Odefa, there are the five helpful tips.

1. Decisively speak about your zero tolerance for abuse

In a very firm tone, speak out against your intolerance to abusive behaviours and similar actions.

You can't afford to be equivocal when passing this message across to a partner. No matter how cherubic that partner might be, or awkward the conversation might turn, it out is extremely more sensib le to let your partner know where you stand on the matter of domestic violence and abuse.

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2. Get a support system

Being abused is a terrible thing to go through. And a victim should never feel ashamed to get support and assistance when their partner turns on them.

Surround yourself with, at least, one trusted person whose support would be unwavering in this kind of circumsstance, and don't be too shy pr ashamed to open up. There is no point covering a partner who constantly abuses you.

You'd only be harming yourself.

3. Be ready to walk away

Many women especially find it difficult to to get out of abusive relationships/marriages when kids are involved. But you can't remain in the marriage for them if it's not peaceful and continuously threatens your life and puts your sanity to test.

You won't even be able to be a good mother to them if you're constantly suffering abuse from your partner.

Watch Uwanma in the clip below to get the full discussion on the matter.