To love and be loved surely has to be one of the best feeling ever.

I know this, you know this, everyone knows this… and it is what we all aspire to. It is what makes people happy in relationships and marriages.

It is what people look forward to when they are approaching relationships – the happiness, the fun and the love that comes with being in love… or rather, the happiness that is ideally meant to come with being in love.

It becomes obvious that when there is no love in a relationship, or when spouses somehow begin to lose the happiness they once had, they become a shell of themselves, the relationship becomes unsavory and loses its essence.

It then makes sense to leave the relationship, right?

Sadly, as experience has shown, people choose to stay right there in those relationships.

Even when it is obvious that the love is gone, the feeling of being bound to that person has faded out, the connection is broken and things are no longer as sweet as they once were.

But somehow they just stay on right in that relationship.

For those who have not felt this before or never been in that kind of situation, it is easy to pin it on mental weakness, financial stability, fear of the unknown, indifference and other things.

And every of those things is correct in it’s own right.

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The idea of accepting that everything you believed in turned to be a sham, that everything you thought life would be  turns out to be a mirage… the fact that you have to start all over again... it is really scary, sincerely.

And many people would rather stay put than step out of that comfort zone to go in search of happiness elsewhere or from within themselves.

Another thing that makes people stay in a relationship past its expiry date is the opinion of others.

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Some lovers look so good together that people can’t imagine them breaking up. People love their love, and their continuous togetherness would devastate their friends, and other people who have come to know them as the ‘perfect couple.’

So at the risk of their happiness and the continuous decay of their relationship, they continue to be in that relationship… protecting the image they have, keeping people in adoration of them, but continuously losing their minds because that relationship has become nothing but a house with rotten wood as foundation.

It is actually tough to break out of a relationship especially if it has been long.

But at the point where nothing  seems to work anymore, when the cracks have become too wide for the relationship to ever get patched together again, doesn’t it make sense to just let go?