Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife, Leah, recently celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary, see here to find out what they did.

In honour of this huge milestone, the Tutus are sharing the secret of sixty-year-old marriage.

Leah says the secret is laughter, adding that they always laugh at and with each other.

“When he embarrasses him, he embarrasses you. I kick him hard enough in bed at night.”

When asked the same question earlier in 2011, she said:

“There is no magic to making marriage work. A marriage is never made in heaven‚ you make it what it is. If you love a person‚ it’s simply not enough. You must meet halfway‚ give and take‚ for the rest of your lives."

She also added, “we greet each other every morning and night with a kiss."

Desmond and Leah met when he was a student.

Leah describes him as the "stubborn headmaster’s son who ignored her as a young girl‚ and whom she chased in their college years‚" she added, “i still think he’s very good looking”.