This marks the 60th wedding anniversary for retired Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife Leah.

In honour of this special occasion, the lovely pair, who met when the Archbishop was still a student, are renewing their wedding vows.

Desmond Tutu is known for often expressing his gratitude to his wife for her constant support, especially during apartheid when they both faced enormous political pressure.

He also credits her as the cause of his humility saying:

“Leah has been very good at keeping my head the right size. Once I was driving and when I looked at her she looked slightly more complacent and self-satisfied than usual. When I wondered why‚ she showed me this bumper sticker that said‚ ‘Any woman who wants to be equal to a man has no ambition’. The other day she stuck a notice just beneath the television set in our bedroom that said‚ ‘You are entitled to your wrong opinion’.”

The couple is blessed with four children and seven grandchildren.

Congrats to the awesome couple on this huge accomplishment.