From how you choose to keep your pubic hair, to how much weight you want to lose, here are five things that you assume aren’t that deep could be a turnoff for your partner.


How do you tell a woman she is being too committed to you without hurting her feelings?

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Many men do not know the answer to this question, so they just stay off the discussion of telling their partner to slow down a bit, even though they are feeling very suffocated already.

Weight issues

Whether you’ve put on a few pounds as you got comfortable in the relationship or intentionally lost substantial weight, he may quietly be bothered by your new look.

Simply because many women take weight issues to heart, your man might just shut his mouth about it, even though it bothers him a lot.

Hair issues

I once saw a certain survey which pointed to the fact that for many men, the hair a woman accumulates ‘down there’ might be a bigger issue than was once thought.

Many men might find this topic a bit embarrassing and might not want to hurt your feeling by talking about it even though they have qualms about it.

Perhaps asking your man how he likes it may be an easier way to settle this.

Sexual adventure

Quite a number of men are also embarrassed to discuss with their partners, how much or how less ‘sexual drama’ they would rather be having in the bedroom.

A woman that earns more

Some men do not feel comfortable being with a woman that earns more than they do.

If for instance, he earned more than you do when you began dating, but somewhere along the line, you got a massive pay rise and began to earn more than him, he might resent this, but find it hard to express it; for the fear of sounding like a misogynist.