We forgot to mention the cake isn't beautiful?

This was the exact wish of a proud father in the United Arab Emirates who wanted the cake for for his daughter's birthday and engagement party.

The cake which takes the style of a runway is nearly two meters long with edible guests dressed in haute couture styles. It was made by a 33-year-old former fashion designer and mother of three, Debbie Wingham.

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Wingham spent over 45 days to make the £48 million (about N14 billion) diamond encrusted cake which weighed 450 kg.

According to Business Insider, the diamond-encrusted cake was made up of - 400 one-carat white diamonds, 73 three-carat white diamonds, 73 three-carat black diamonds (for the runway). One 5.2 carat pink diamond, One 6.4 carat yellow diamond,15 five-carat white diamonds (for the icing).

There were an estimate of 3400 stones scattered through the cake, including amethyst and emeralds.

Everything is edible except the diamonds.