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Couple's Therapy: How much of your relationship should you post online

November 29th 2021, 6:38:47 pm

How healthy is it to share intimate moments of your relationship with people online?

Is showcasing your relationship a good sign? [gettyimages]

Nowadays, followers can have a front row seat to people's relationship from when it starts to the end, including when they start subbing and calling out their exes online.

Most of our lives are spent scrolling through social media, and sharing our day-to-day moments online.

According to Inside Hook, "This posting and boasting about your relationship on social media may be a sign — or even a cause — of trouble in paradise."

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Shotkit did a poll of people between the ages of 18 and 50 and ranked their relationship, based on intimacy, communication, and trust, and how much 'couples' content' they post online.

Almost three quarters of the respondents who defined their relationships as either 'very happy' or 'happy' said that they 'never' post couples' content.

Of the people who regularly share such posts, 42 per cent said their relationship is very unhappy.

Opeyemi has been in a relationship for over three years and she rarely, if not never, posts her partner, she also forbids him from doing so.

"It's not like I am trying to hide anything. I don't know about others, but it just isn't my thing."

There is a saying among young people that whether you post your relationship online or not, if a relationship wants to spoil, it will.

Blessing thinks you should not post fights, but all other couple content is okay.

"You don't want to attract disrespect or dislike for your partner, especially if there's a chance that you guys will make up. The good times and other happenings, yes you can share that to encourage other people, among other reasons."

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A downside to partners not posting each other online is either one of them is trying to hide the relationship.

Here is what Tade, who just got into a new relationship thinks, "You don't have to post any part of your relationship online. But the reality is 'online' has become an active part of life. So, the question will be, 'Why aren't you posting it?'"

"Someone who posts everything personal about them, food, work e.t.c and doesn't post their boo is suspicious, but someone who posts nothing, if they don't post about the relationship, it’s okay."

There is no clear-cut rule on what you should or shouldn't do. Everything depends on the motive.

Are you trying to 'pepper' people? Or are you incredibly happy in that moment and want to show others?

The bottom line is your relationship needs not be dependent on external validation to be loving and long-lasting.


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