As if dating in this age is not difficult enough with cat-fishing, stealthing, and other annoying relationship practices, another level has been added to the heartbreak, toxic possibilities one faces when he or she decides to step into the modern dating pool.

According to UK Mashable reporter, Rachel Thompson, ‘cloaking’ is one more legit worry people should have when trying to date people these days.

When you're absolutely blocked from speaking to your partner in anyway after they've left you without a word... that's cloaking. [Credit: Peathegee Inc / Getty]

“Cloaking is when a person doesn’t just stand you up for a date, they also block you on any app that you’ve previously communicated on,” the writer explains.

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So not only are you blocked in real life, you also are blocked out of seeing their presence on social media or the dating apps you may have met them on.

Cloaking is actually one more horrible thing to fear as it is worse than ghosting, which in itself is hurtful, cowardly and very insensitive.

Cloaking, a practice worse that ghosting. [Credit: Pinterest]

But whereas Ghosting has to do with people completely disappearing on someone they’re dating or talking with without any explanation, Cloaking is worse as it is taking something bad even to another level of being more terrible.

So not only does your ‘partner’ leave you without a word and no explanation, they go one step further by trying to ensure that you can’t trace their Internet footprints or seek closure through virtual means of communication.