A beautiful bride, Brelyn Freeman - Bowman has gone viral after presenting her father a certificate of virginity, proving that she was a virgin on her wedding day.

Brelyn's father, Michael Freeman is the founding pastor of Spirit of Faith Christian Center (SOFCC) in Maryland. The bride and her father had signed her pact in her teenage years that she wasn't going to have sex before marriage.

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When Brelyn wedded the groom, Tim Bowman Jr - a gospel artist, she presented her father the 'certificate of purity', after undergoing examination by a doctor who proved her hymen had not been broken.

The photo of the bride and father posing with the certificate went viral, and she was called out by some angry social media users who felt she was showing off.

Before Brelyn got married, she also posted a photo in Instagram encouraging single women to keep their virginity like she did for her husband.