Most brides find it difficult to use the toilet in their wedding gowns. It could be very discomforting to hold it in while waiting for your ceremony to end to take off your gown before using the restroom.

Also, enlisting the help of your bridesmaids for this task may not work as fast as you’d want it especially when you are really pressed which is why a former bridal consultant invented something to make this issue simpler for brides around the world.

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Heather Steinlake says she invented the Bridal Buddy after she realized this question “How do I go to the bathroom in this thing?” was one of the most important things asked by brides.

Steinlake explains that the Bridal Buddy is a ‘glorified trash bag that allows brides to gather up their gowns and go to the bathroom in peace’.

What do you think of this invention? Watch the video above.