A wedding day may be special, but people who have gotten married will tell you time flies by on your big day.

From the moment you wake up, the next thing you know is you are sharing a toast with your new spouse and invited guests. But there are many special moments that make up a wedding and newlyweds don't really talk about them because they aren't seen, they are felt.

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Inspired by The Knot, here are 10 things about wedding day no one tells you about

1. You'll want sometime alone: Just the two of you away from family, friends and well wishers.

2. You are bound to cry: Weddings are very emotional and shedding a few tears is definitely part of it.

3. You may not get to sleep too much: Doesn't matter if you have a million planners, you'll be stressed and anxious or just excited about your big day. All these combined and you may not get to sleep too much the night before your wedding.

4. Your wedding may not go as planned: Something may go wrong or something wrong may just turn out right in the end. Just go with flow and don't worry about little things that are likely to go wrong.

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5. You'll feel anxiety 10 minutes before your wedding: The 10  minutes before your wedding starts will be the most anxiety-ridden minutes of your life because you about to make a move that'll affect the rest of your existence.

6. The most special moment will be when you least expect: The most special moment of your life will be when you least expect. An exchange of looks, a hug from your parents, it'll just happen.

7. You'll be surprised by the love and support from close friends and family: They all came to celebrate you and you became their own center of attention.

8. You'll feel different: Once you are officially husband and wife, things will feel more real and official to you.

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9. Your face will hurt from smiling too much: You'll keep smiling all day because that's going to be best day of your life, the day you make it official with your best friend and lover.

10. Your wedding ceremony is the best part: From the church service to the reception proper, these memories will last a lifetime for you.