Every bride-to-be wants that perfect wedding dress that would 'wow' everyone including the groom on their big day.

After you find that dress that gets your heart racing, as much as it fits you perfectly, you may have to wait before buying it till you consider some important factors.

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Inspired by Brides.com, here are a few things to consider before paying for that dress:

1. Will be too expensive for your purse?: As much you love that dress, if it will create a hole in your pocket, you may want to ask yourself if it's really worth it, find out if you can get the same design at a lower price.

2. Can you move freely in it?: Doesn't matter how beautiful the dress looks, if it doesn't fit or makes you feel extremely uncomfortable in it, then you should reconsider purchasing it. You should be able to move around, dance and have fun in your dream dress.

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3. Do you really want it?: Are you getting the dress due to popular public or opinion? It's better to spend time with yourself and evaluate what fits your style and taste.

4. Will it be delivered on time?: You should ask the dress designer how long it would take to be shipped to your doorstep, you may want to reconsider if the time doesn't match yours. That is if you aren't purchasing an already made dress from a nearby store.

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5. Can you get it at a lower price?: Prices of wedding dresses differ in different stores. Do a thorough research on the best price you can get for your dream dress before making a purchase.

6. Are you having second thoughts?: You might find a dress you love but you aren't really sure if it's what you'll want to wear for your wedding. Listen to your heart and keep looking for other options, you should find one that fits all your criteria in no time.