Eva Longorias wedding dress has remained the talk of the town since she walked down the aisle on May 21 in Mexico.

The former Desperate Housewives star

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1.) It was a classic Victoria Beckham design

Eva Longoria has confirmed with Hello magazine that her silk crepe wedding dress was designed by the respected fashion designer, Victoria Beckham. She says she asked VB to make her a dress befitting of the love she shares with Jose and she got exactly what she asked for. "Not only did she [Victoria] do my wedding dress but she's one of my best friends so for her to be there was so special."

2.) It was made out of love

According to the new bride, she wanted a dress which was simple but spoke of love. "I asked Victoria to do my dress because I wanted it to be special and made with love - and I knew that Victoria would make it with love.

"Victoria was one of my witnesses too. She signed the paper that says I was here - so it was a Victoria Beckham weekend."

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3.) It was simple but fabulous

Eva Longoria claims her wedding dress was designed to be simple but sexy and classy. The star who marrying for the third time claims her Victoria Beckham gown was to portray the love in the room nit distract her guest to what's important. "We have both been married before and we know the wedding is not the marriage so we wanted to pick a place so it wouldn't be about the event, but about celebrating our love… Now we are looking forward to the marriage part. We're just so excited to be Mr and Mrs Baston."

Victoria Beckham also made another dress for the post-dinner celebrations and a third for a civil ceremony the day before.