An overweight bride-to-be has spent over £12,000 (almost N3.5 million)on plastic surgery to get the perfect body for her dream wedding.

29-yr-old Chantelle Harris from Bedworth, Warwickshire had to undergo  breast augmentation after she lost eight stone which caused her breasts to shrink dramatically from G to a C cup.

She also needed a £6,000 gastric band and refused to get married till she to beat the bulge.

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The cosmetics supplier met her now fiancé, 30-yr-old Marlon Powell who proposed in 2015. She then paid another £6,000 for size E breast implants making a sum total of £12,000 to get the perfect body for her wedding in April 2016.

"I needed the gastric band to help me lose weight as I had failed countless times with different diet plans.

"After losing 8st I felt great; I was fitter, not sluggish any more and could feel the difference in every aspect of my life.

"My only problem was that my breasts had lost a lot of their volume and I'd gone down five cup sizes.

"It left me feeling unhappy as there was nothing I wanted more than to look amazing on my wedding day.

"I wanted to have the option not to wear a bra on my big day and for me it was the way to complete my amazing transformation.

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"After my initial gastric band surgery I felt great but there was one last thing that I wanted to resolve about myself - now I feel incredible and can't wait to get married.

"What took me aback was that before, most people would see my size before anything else, but not my fiancé, Marlon, he didn't even think I was big enough to have a gastric band.

"Before my breast surgery he told me that he only wanted me to have the surgery if I was doing it for myself and no one else - he didn't mind whether I had it or not.

"I'm so glad I did as I've gained all of my confidence back and feel so much happier now," Harris told Daily Mail.

The bride-to-be decided to get her first surgery five years ago after trying hard to lose weight through dieting and seeing a friend's success with the gastric band. She lost 5 stone eating in smaller portions and with the help of a personal trainer.

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"I think a lot of people forget that after a gastric band you don't wake up skinny because that's the start of your journey - but it's completely worth it.

"After the weight started to drop off I found I had so much more energy and was all the more confident.

"At first it was difficult understanding the limitations of the gastric band and sometimes meant a lot of my dinners went cold before I could finish them.

"However it's been completely worth it and I feel incredible," the happy bride-to-be said.

Chantelle now shares her story in order to help others who feel unhappy being overweight.