The couple's wedding Fatiha holds in the Emir's palace in Kano today, March 16 2018, with the Emir, Muhammadu Sanusi II conducting the ceremony himself with the support of the Chief Imam of Kano, Prof. Sani Zaharaddeen.

As expected, it's a beautiful ceremony with the bride literally looking like a millions bucks especially with her glamorous look and heart-warming smile.

[No available link text]Styled by Deola Sagoe and stunning in a face beat by BM Pro, it is not difficult to know who the bride is among other gorgeous friends and family member who came through to celebrate with the couple.

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The groom, first son of the former Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Dikko Abubakar looks dope in his agbada, too.

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Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari attends, but it is unlikely that VP Osinbajo will be there given that his own daughter Damilola had her engagement ceremony yesterday, March 15 and will have her white wedding on the 17th, all in Abuja.

Former military ruler, Alhaji Abdusallam Abubakar attends, to as does a host of elite members of society.

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Invited guests at the ceremony must have heard that there will be no alcohol at the ceremony as Aliko Dangote, the bride's billionaire dad already banned such substances from the celebration long before the day.

Congratulations to the billionaire's daughter and her man from Pulse Weddings.