Following their wedding Fatiha a week prior, the couple brought their wedding party to Lagos for a party like no other. Their nuptials last Friday, March 23 2018 was a shut down to end all shut downs.

And now following the beautiful, unforgettable ceremony, the bride's billionaire father has some inestimable good wishes for his daughter and her new husband.

[No available link text]In an emotional clip made and shared online by The Wedding Doctors, Aliko Dangote, looking like a billion bucks in a suave blue suit says:

" my baby, my youngest, my sweetheart.

“This is a bitter sweet time for any parent. I have watched you blossom into an excellent representation of what I call my values. You are indeed pure to them.

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“I’ve trained you to take on any kind of weight on your shoulders and also to be bold and respectful.

“ has been a son to me even before I realized he had gone into my garden to pluck my Juliet rose.

“I’m here anytime you need me and I will love you unconditionally. I’ve done enough homework to know that Jamil will always respect the ground you walk on.

“Good luck on this new journey my baby.

"The time has come. Be loved, be very happy and I love you very, very dearly.”

Another emotional wedding video

Recall that Jamil also recorded a cute, romantic video for his bride which was released on the wedding day by Nate Genius Films.

Congratulations one more time to the couple from Pulse Weddings.