One of Nigeria’s hottest comedians Akpororo (Bowoto Jephta) will be getting married to Josephine Abraham on November 14 in Surulere.

In a nice gesture, Akpororo will not be selling his aso-ebi; rather he will be giving it out free via popular designer Yomi Casual. The norm is for intending couples to sell the aso-ebi for their wedding, but Akpororo is doing the reverse.

Also the pre-wedding shoot photos have been released. Akpororo proposed to Josephine twice, in a church and a football pitch.

Akpororo organized a novelty match to honour his engagement to his fiancée.

The fiancée, who works at Hip TV, was clearly overjoyed by the gesture and she didn't have to keep Akpororo kneeling for long before she said yes.