Whether it’s the decision to

When it comes to asking your girlfriend [or boyfriend!] to marry you and spend the rest of their lifetime with you, here are questions to ask yourself before popping the question.

1. Why now?

In other words, are you really ready for that level of commitment or is it because you don't want to lose her? Perhaps you are asking due to pressure from folks and friends?

Why now? Are you really ready? You should ask yourself that question first before proposing.

2. How much of this person do I know?

This is a test of how much communication, intimacy and companionship shared by you and her.

There is no specific time span required to know everything about a potential spouse but for the most part, anything less than six months is considered too short.

You may not know everything about her even if you have dated for three years; still, if you find yourself grappling with basic information about her, you can tell that you are not ready for that proposal and need more time no matter how much pressure people may be mounting on you

3. Do I trust this person with all my heart?

Really, if you do not, there’s no point proposing yet.

Why propose marriage to someone you do not trust?

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4. Am I ready to take her as she is?

When you propose to someone, barring any unfortunate incident, you will marry the person with the hope of being married forever.

This is the reason why it is important to ask yourself if you can deal with this person how they are at the time of proposal.

People hope to get better with time, of course, but you’d still be getting married to them as they are at that time. And if you find out that you literally can’t deal with certain aspects of her character, her outlook on life or some very relevant aspects of it, maybe you should not propose yet.

5. Am I financially ready?

Your financial standing; does it qualify you for that leap you are about to make? Be very honest with yourself.

6. Is she ready?

This is both selfless and precautionary.

On one hand, you don’t want to propose marriage to your babe when she’s obviously not ready, and has repeatedly told you that she’s not ready for that level of commitment. Say, for instance, she’s still in uni or she’s still hoping to do quite a lot before considering marriage at all.

On the other hand, you don’t want to ask and get a No. So consider the question above well before bending that knee.

7. Am I really ready for this?

Self-assessment  is a good thing and there’s no better time for this than before putting yourself all out with a marriage proposal.

How are your emotions, mature enough? How are you with women generally, respectful?

How about dealings with your ex?

Just ask yourself all the difficult questions and honestly  rate your standing and qualification to take that leap.

Yeah, it’s just a proposal and you are not marrying yet, but proposing is a big step towards the wedding and marriage and while a broken proposal is not on the same level as a broken marriage, it is still better to steer clear of it when you can clearly see the signs that it will lead to shambles sooner or later.