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8 signs he is not that into you

January 25th 2022, 3:15:12 pm

Here are some red flags that shows a guy is not just into you.

Take note of these signs to avoid being served 'breakfast'

Red flags are so glaring that we choose to ignore them because of some mixed signals.

These are clear signs he is not into you;

Doesn’t he have a house? Why is he calling you only when he is driving? Are you just a remedy for boredom or does he have something or someone to hide? Clarify by asking him if he is single or not.

If he doesn’t invite you into his world or want to be in yours, then he is not into you like that.

If he says things like, "I am not much a talker" be warned.

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If the only time he calls is when he wants you to come over then, you are probably just a booty call.

If he takes hours and days to reply, you should be packing your bags as fast as you can.

I don’t know what else you need to hear, but if he says he isn’t looking for anything, “serious” and you want something serious, just pack your load and go.

Some guys will never answer a simple question. “What are we?” You ask. “We are pencils in the hands of the creator or we are whatever you want us to be.” He replies.

“What are we doing?” You ask, “We are just exploring our bodies.” He replies.

He never says you are his girlfriend. He calls you “My G” “My guy”. He is telling you to watch it and not overrate yourself or he says things like, “It is complicated.” to describe the relationship.

I mean, why should he? You are just his G. If you were his girlfriend, he would tell everyone who cares to listen.


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