There are healthy ways to be a great partner to your man. And then there's the Nigerian way, which is a mix of unrealistic standards, a few truths and plenty lamba fuelled by Internet banter. So you know better than take the content of this post with more than a pinch of salt. Sha, let's get in:

1. Be submissive

A staple of Nigerian relationships from time immemorial. Many Nigerian men often come close to bearing arms whenever this thing is called into question.

2. God fearing with ashawo vibes

Well, Nigerian men do love them a woman who has a hoe streak tucked nicely underneath a good girl facade. This one is not even a joke - and it's not entirely a bad thing sha.

3. Be ready to slave away

There's a reason why 'food' and 'kitchen' arguments, as well as domestic chores conversations continue to spark online debates. A lot of Nigerian men still ridiculously expect their partners to clean up after them and literally slave away on the home front. Too bad.

4. Be prayerful

You know, the power of a praying woman and stuff. Lol. The way Nigerian men throw this around you'd think only women have access to God.

Abi only women have to the throne of mercy? [Credit - Meme Central]
Abi only women have to the throne of mercy? [Credit - Meme Central]

5. Forgive when he cheats

And offer more prayers so that you can keep your boyfriend or husband and family together.

6. His mum >>> you

You'd think this was a joke until you get out there and hear grown men's opinion on the subject. Kinda sad, but it's still something many men think is cool.

Imagine this rubbish. [Credit - Shutterstock]
Imagine this rubbish. [Credit - Shutterstock]

7. PS5 >>> Singlet and boxers

Well, this one is accurate sha. Splurge on that new Playstation console for your man. Don't be a cheapskate.