It’s barely five days into the 365 we have in year 2019. The opportunity to get things right is still very much alive. The chance to love passionately but intentionally and to avoid heartbreaks and unnecessary drama to the best of your abilities has been given to you. The year presents a clear slate on which to write new chapters and create new, happier memories.

To achieve this potential peace of mind, and to attain happiness and romantic bliss in your love life in 2019, here are the type of guys you have to avoid like a plague all year long:

1.    The commitment hater

This type of man will not commit to you. And this is not to say there won’t be good moments. He will give you all the good times and possibly all there is to get in your ideal relationship. But commitment is difficult for this kind of guy and if that is what you want, he is not the one to seek it from.

There are men who want everything but commitment [Credit: Elitedaily]

2.    The gaslighter

In this context, gaslighter is used to refer to that guy who knows what you want but intentionally refuses to do it even though it is within his capabilities to do it. And when he is confronted with his failure, he acts as if he has no inkling of what you are speaking of.

This goes beyond refusing to give you money or meet your financial needs. It is the intentional omission of your emotional needs. If you have taken time to repeatedly have the conversation of your needs with a guy and he still forgets to act accordingly every time, it could be because he is intentionally forgetting. He does not care that much.

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3.    The one who goes on and off

If he is inconsistent and what you want is something steady, run away. As a matter of fact, even if you do not want something serious, even if a fling or friendship with benefit is what you need, ensure to do it with someone who is dependable and can always come through when he is needed or at least available to communicate why they won’t be available to do their part of the arrangement.

Nothing beats dependability in whatever form of relationship you’re in. And if you notice a guy who disappears and reappears at will, he is not the kind of person you want to roll with in 2019.

Needless to say, you also do not need a man who cheats on you [Credit: Madamenoire]

4.    The guy who is good, but not good enough

There is a guy who fits the bill of what you desire and it is not this guy. So do not settle with his guy. If you wait and keep living your very best life while waiting, chances are that the man of your dreams will come by soon enough.

5.    Baggage-lugging guy

He comes with exes that are still very much in the picture. He has baby mamas dragging him all over the place.

Yep. He is not one of the people you want to be with in 2019. Too much drama there.