If you’ve ever got, or if you currently have cold feet about getting into a relationship even though a part of you is willing to try, you may have to start asking yourself few questions eventually.

Because nothing happens without a reason, your reluctance or fear of dating and getting into a relationship can be traced to one of the following reasons:

1. Fear of commitment

The easiest, most obvious one of these reasons is the possible fear of getting committed. It takes quite a lot of effort to be with someone and stay committed to them and that could be one of the things you are not willing to expose yourself to just yet.

For some it is the fear of commitment. (Credit - Ranchatdovetree)
For some it is the fear of commitment. (Credit - Ranchatdovetree)

2. Fear of getting hurt

There is also the fear of getting hurt, which is something a lot of people regularly have to deal with in their minds. Even those in relationships are constantly living in the uncertainty that something could happen, that their partner could cheat, that they could fall into a temptation to big to escape.

If you are constantly having these thoughts, and its why you can’t bring yourself to open up to love and the possibility of a relationship, you are not alone.

3. Your freedom means too much to you

Freedom to be by yourself when you please, to make all your decisions by yourself, without having to put any other person into consideration and to just continue to be by yourself.

Relationships do not necessarily rob you of freedom but it does come with certain responsibilities, duties and expectations. And you just may not be ready for any of that yet.

What if I get hurt? [Credit - Shutterstock]
What if I get hurt? [Credit - Shutterstock]


That is the short form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In essence, what it means is that when you have had a bad experience in the past, it could regularly haunt you, stress you and cause you to avoid getting involved with similar situations for a long time.

In this context, when your past relationships haven’t been ideal or when they fell short of expectations, getting back in another one may be difficult.

5. You don’t trust yourself with someone’s heart

At other times, you just may not trust yourself with another person’s heart. You probably think you are not ready per se. The idea of a relationship appeals to you, but with other things being considered, you doubt your ability to be a great partner and treat the other person right.