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5 people share their experiences meeting people online

November 18th 2021, 1:39:00 pm

From direct messages to real life, people share their experiences.

Social media sites can be used to hook up [Vecteezy]

There are so many dating apps out there but social media is a giant dating app. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are a few apps where people slide into DMs and then meet in life.

'Sliding into DMs' is a popular reference to sending someone a private message on their social media account and asking them out on a date.

Some people meet the love of their lives from this, while some gain valuable experiences.

Here are some experiences:

Emmanuel gets a lot of messages because he works in a media company and he is popular online.

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About meeting people online, he acknowledges that he does meet people online but stays clear of Twitter because he doesn't want to 'get called out'.

A lady once followed him on Twitter and Instagram at the same time, an action he says he took as a serious sign of interest.

"She DMed and said she liked me from my show and we began talking. We found out that we lived close to each other and the next Saturday she was at my place."

I asked why a relationship didn't materialise and he said, "She wanted a boyfriend and I wasn't him. She also went on and on about her ex. That was a cheating disaster waiting to happen."

There's always a reason when Nuru slides into women’s DMs.

"It could be from an interesting post on her timeline or her picture on her stories."

He also does some investigation on her page to find out the kind of person she is.

He once connected with someone on Instagram and had to travel across state lines for a physical meeting, but it didn't end well.

"She looked nothing like her profile picture and the meeting was off."

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Ruth gets a lot of DMs from men on Twitter, but there's one she'll never forget for how bad it was.

On this particular link, she told her date that the transport fare for private taxis were high and she was waiting for it to go down hoping that he would offer to pay but he didn’t, so she took a bus there.

On her way, she noticed he didn’t ask her how the trip was and if she went with a private cab.

Before she got to the venue she texted him, "You didn't even ask how the trip is going?" but he replied, "I thought you were not coming."

The entire date was spent arguing about that, and he was also angry that she came an hour late.

Derin doesn't send a lot of DMs, but gets quite a bit of them from women showering him with compliments. If he likes the girl, he engages with interest to see where the conversation leads.

A lady on Instagram told him he looks cute and they began conversing, but they couldn't meet immediately because they live in different states.

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One day, she tells him she is coming to Lagos to set up a business. They hang out and have a good time but the next time she calls to tell him she needs a place to crash for a while.

Derin says, “She can’t stay at my place. I barely know her.”

She then asks for a N10k loan, but when he asks when she planned to repay, "She replies, 'Wow' like I have known her for years and owed her something. She unfollowed me."

Uche slides into a lady's DM with “I think you are funny” and though they never dated, they have physically met once and remain good friends.


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