Spending quality time together and having an excellent practice of communication are some of the hallmarks of great relationships.

You cannot possibly be in a healthy relationship without these two things in place. What this implies is that a lot gets said in relationships and marriages. You get to say a lot of things, share secrets, engage in pillow talk, do some lovers’ gossip, crack jokes, poke fun at each other and then some.

In the whole of this, it may feel like everything and anything can be talked about and that anything and everything can be said to your partner but that is not the case.

You cannot possibly be in a healthy relationship without spending quality time together and having healthy talks [Credit - Shutterstock]

On the contrary, there are things you cannot tell your partner; and we list five of them in the list below:

1. I should never have said yes to you

Bringing up a former lover or relationship is about the worst thing you can do. It is like telling your partner that the whole of the relationship is a mistake, something you are actively missing. Even if that isn't true, your partner may always believe it.

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2. I don’t care

This is you telling your partner that you couldn’t be bothered about them and what this does is create a feeling of abandonment in your partner and may also make them feel worthless.

Being in a loving relationship means always caring about your partner, no matter what. Even at your angriest, you should not be telling your partner that you do not care about them.

Telling your partner that you couldn’t be bothered about them would surely not go down well with them [Credit - Shutterstock]

3. Stop being dramatic [to an angry partner]

If your partner is upset about something, chances are – it is a big deal to them! To downplay their emotions as a case of undue hysteria and exaggerated theatrics is not cool enough.

If you feel the need to make that statement, you should probably take a few steps back and look at the situation from their side.  Are they blaming you for something? Then patiently explain to them why they are incorrect or let them know that you will change your behavior.

4. Dress them down in public

Imagine dragging a partner in public. It is the highest form of disrespect that your partner does not deserve. No matter how out of line your partner is, or how vast the disagreement, it is far better to be discreet and respectful when calling them to order or correcting them.

Never make the mistake.

Don't downplay your partner's outbursts because if he or she is upset about something, chances are that it is a big deal to them [Credit: LovePanky]
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5. I don’t have the time for that

It hurts to be dismissed with the wave of a hand, ad to be made to feel as if you are an unwelcome distraction to your partner. So pay attention to any words that may sound like you're trying to brush your partner off. This comes across as not caring about your partner's needs, and may make them feel they aren't important.