• Keep a checklist

Write down all the list of attributes you want to see in your Mr. Right.

You need to figure out how important physical looks are compared to personality. You need to figure out the type of moral values your ideal person needs to have. That way, you won’t fall for every guy that comes your way simply because he’s cute or attractive.

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  • Learn to say ‘NO’

Sometimes, your hormones can play tricks on you. If you follow your hormones, you might end up doing things you shouldn’t and making mistakes simply because you think you’re in love. You don’t have to hook up with every guy that looks your way. It’s okay to say no sometimes.

  • Adhere to the three-month rule

Try to know a little bit about the guy before you fall in love. Don’t jump into bed right away or just before he bought you expensive gifts.

The three-month rule has the potential of saving you plenty of heartaches, confusion, and lifelong regrets that you can’t take back once you’ve done them. If he genuinely likes you, he will wait for three months.

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  • Keep yourself busy

Find a side gig to keep you busy in order to avoid over-thinking. Keep busy, make money from things you are passionate about and the right man will come along the way. Boredom can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.