1. The mood is set and its time for a roll in the sheets with your beau. You:

a. Turn off the lights and get down to business

b. Smile coyly and lead him to the bedroom

c. Turn on your inner stripper. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

2. You are hanging out with friends and he/she leans in for a peck. You:

a. Shift away slightly. No PDA's please.

b.You accept the peck and blush furiously

c. You accept the peck and follow up with a full blown kiss.

3. During the romp in the sheets, he suggests you try out new and daring styles. You:

a. Look at him like he is from Mars. What's wrong with the old styles?

b. You oblige but that's it! No more creativity.

c. You follow up with some added ideas of yours. Variety is the spice of life.

4. You are hanging out with friends and someone teases you about your boo. You:

a. Stop the teasing instantly. You don't like it.

b. You smile and try to steer the conversationaway from you

c. You have a good laugh and tease your friend right back

5. The thought that comes to mind when you think about hanging out alone with your beau:

a. Sitting down at different desks and catching up with work that you didnt finish up at the office

b.  Calm conversation: catching up on all the tidbits and juicy details of the day.

c. Cuddling.....and whatever bodily action you can think of.

If your answers are mainly C's, you are a carefree, wild soul. You are unafraid to live and show your love to the one who is close to your heart. You smile alot, laugh alot and live for the moment. You are not afraid of challenges and thats what draws people to you. Clearly, you are not the frigid lover.

If your answers are mainly B's then you are the more relaxed lover. you are okay with a little fun every now and then but  are not in a hurry to change your modus operandi. You are clearly into your man or woman but would not go to the top of the roofs to announce it.

If your answers are mainly A's then you have a serious frigidity problem!!! You like your way of living and are not in a hurry to change things. Your partner can come along for the ride but if there is any possibility for change then please take a walk! You are almost matronly in your approach to relationships and if you had your way, you would have a chaperone at your hangouts!!!

Okay, so maybe its not as bad as that but you really need to find out where you stand relationship-wise. While every guy likes a conservative but fun woman,  nobody wants a woman who is too free or too caged. the secret is in finding a balance and sticking to it. If you have stories you would like to share about instances like this, you could send them to 'support@pulse.com.ng'. we would be glad to hear them. Meanwhile, live life and love freely!