Taking loans is what a lot of people enjoy doing to raise money to meet their financial demands. However, if you're the guy or lady friends usually borrow money from, you may have to be careful about lending money in 2019.

You know it's very easy to lend money to some people but getting it back could get messy and dramatic. 

That was the situation Edwin found himself when he lent N150,000 to Teni. Dude had to report the lady to a Twitter debt collector @ElegantChic_ to get his money after six months.

So, here's the gist.

As everyone was eating Jollof rice and chicken celebrating Jesus birthday on Christmas day, Nigeria Twitter was getting awash with a thread about one Teni who borrowed N150,000 from a guy, Edwin and kept promising she'll pay the money next week.

Next week turned six months, Edwin didn't see his money.

Despite her indebtedness to Edwin, Teni according to the thread kept posting peng pictures of herself in different dresses, shoes, hair and expensive locations. And Edwin could not understand why his N150,000 has not been paid since June.

Edwin took the matter to Twitter and Teni was called out on the social media platform. The thread about her debt became a topic on Christmas Day. As Twitter people retweeted and tagged her, she probably couldn't stand the heat as she had to pay Edwin his money before the conversation get messier.

The moral here is this: Don't lend money to anybody if you won't be able to let go of the money should the borrower fails to pay you back on time.

If you really want to meet your financial goals in 2019, you've got to be careful about the kind of people you lend your money. For instance, don't ever make a mistake of giving a loan to a forgetful person or someone with a chronic financial problem. You'll blame yourself at the end of the day if you do.

One more piece of advice. If you think it's necessary you lend people your money out, ask for a collateral. Just make sure you avoid a ‘Teni and Edwin’ kind of situation.

If you can't let it go, don't lend it out. This should be your financial watchword in 2019.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.