There are hundreds of markets in Lagos and some of them are very famous for certain items.

For instance, the Alaba International Market and Alaba Rago Market both on Lagos-Badagry Expressway are popular for electronics and livestock respectively.

Apart from these two, there are other markets in Lagos that are popular for clothing. If you are buying clothes or clothing materials in Lagos and you've not been to these markets, you're probably not buying quality materials.

Next time you are buying clothes and still want to save money, visit any of these five Lagos markets.

1. Yaba Market

Yaba market is that marketplace that pops up in most people's mind when they think about buying second-hand clothes. This doesn't mean you can't get new clothes or clothing materials in Yaba. Yaba market offers great clothes at fair prices.

2. Balogun Market

This market according to Wikipedia is recognized as the best place to buy fabrics, shoes and all sorts of wears. This is absolutely correct about the market.

Balogun Market is the hub of textile and fabric market on Lagos Island. Think of Aso Ebi and lace materials, This is the market that offers you Aso Ebi, Ankara fabrics and lace materials in abundance at cheaper prices.

3. Oshodi

Despite the transformation, Oshodi has gone and still going through, the clothes market in the area remains one of the most patronised in Lagos for Aso Ebi fabrics.

4. Aswani Market

Located in Isolo and not far from Oshodi, Aswani market is also popular for second-hand clothes.

According to the New Telegraph, the market got its name from a Chinese company in China. Aswani in the Chinese language means cheap. No wonder many Lagos residents, especially those living around Oshodi, Okota, Mushin and Isolo, patronise Aswani market to buy clothes that come at cheaper prices.

5. Katangua Market

When Katangua is mentioned what first comes to mind are clothes or clothing materials. Known as bend down and select market, Katangua like Yaba market is very famous for second-hand clothes. The market is big and large enough to offer you any type of clothes or clothing accessories you want at cheaper prices.