It is wise to stick to a monthly budget but there are some things we find ourselves spending money on things that tend to affect our well planned out monthly budget which makes us run out of money before the month ends.

These are expenses we get to pay once in a very long time, either quarterly, yearly which is not always remembered until it is due for payment.

These kind of expenses are always huge which makes people get worried, looking for how to get those expenses paid.

There are simple ways to pay for unexpected expenses without it affecting your monthly budget.

The first thing you need to do is to identify the unexpected expenses that can eat into your monthly budget. Since unexpected expenses are unforeseen expenses that we really overlook, but they are easy to predict.

Identify possible irregular expenses by creating a list probably with a sticky note which you feel might arise. Put any expenses that are not frequent or on a monthly basis.

After listing out all possible unexpected expenses, you can then go ahead to find out the feasible cost of all these expenses.

On each of the possible expense, find out how much each of them would cost. And get an estimate for it. Check previous records to find out much it costs a year before and you can work with it.

Now you have the estimate of all the possible unexpected expenses, you can then add them all up to give you a total amount.

Then divide the total cost by 12, which means the 12 months in a year. The result you get is the amount you set aside for unexpected expenses.

You can add an extra 10 percent every month to the money set aside to before on a safer side.

Create a separate savings account for your unexpected expenses. Never put your unexpected expenses savings in your regular account. It would mix up all your savings which won't be good for your irregular expenses.

Move the money set aside monthly into that account.


Also, if you feel you'll be tempted to take out from the savings, make open the account in a different bank and don't have access to the atm card of the bank.

It will be difficult to access if you do this, which is helpful for the growth of the savings account.

You can then go ahead to take cash out of the savings account when unexpected and unforeseen expenses come up without having any worry thinking about how to pay for unexpected bills.