It has become obvious to every Dick and Harry that the real estate sector is one of the most lucrative sectors in Nigeria.

And as believed by economists, it is immune to recession and has continued to yield impressive returns on investment.

In cities like Lagos where the population is ever increasing, the demand for accommodation and office space is alarming. This is why it will continue to remain lucrative as time goes on.

Such is the handsome return for real estate agents that if you are able to secure the sale of a property worth 30 million naira in Lekki or any part of Lagos, you could earn as much as 3 million naira (at 10% commision on selling)

So, if you want to be a real estate agent in Lagos or any part of the country, the following tips will guide you.

Here's how to become a successful real estate agent

1. Get trained

First things first, find a reputable real estate agency and sign up for training.

By so doing, you learn in a structured environment along with other real estate agents. You can also be recruited by that company as their agent.

However, if you want to be an independent agent, you can still get training organized by companies or real estate schools.

Some of these training are available in Lagos. It will help improve your communication skills and you will learn how to build a strong network of brokers, sellers, buyers, and real estate companies.

2. Obtain the necessary license

Obviously, there are some unlicensed agents in the industry. But in other to run a successful real estate agency business in the country, you will need to get the appropriate licenses for the business you are conducting. This gives you an edge over unlicensed estate agents.

3. Get an office space

Not every real estate agent has an office. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have yours.

As a matter of fact, you will be giving your status as real estate agent a big boost if you have a base of operation. This will make it easier for clients to trust you, due to the fact that they can access you at any point in time.

Also, there's an air of professionalism that comes with having an office space, as it can help you with the right environment to negotiate lucrative deals.

However, you can share quarters with other businesses by sharing the cost of rent if you don't have enough cash to get an office space for yourself.

4. Technology

The world seems to be controlled by technology and you won’t be doing yourself any good by not leveraging the available tools.

There are many things you can do: Make YouTube videos if you have to, pay for advertisements, have active social media accounts. Just do all you can to put yourself out there.

Create ads that are targeted to the people who need your services. These things tell your clients you take your job seriously.

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