Your first

Saving might be your priority when you get your first paycheck, but there are other meaningful things you can do with celebrate yourself and make yourself happy.

Here are five things you should consider when you get that first salary you're looking forward to.

1. Buy things you really need

If you always crave to go for shopping after a bad day, you might be having a spending problem

That designer shirt you've been longing to buy. Those shoes and bags you've admired each time you go past a shop can now be yours. Saving is good, no doubt but if these items are the basic things you need, go for them, but make sure are not spending the money aimlessly.

2. Pay your debt

While you are bent on spending first salary on those things you really need, it is equally important you clear your debt before you run out of money. Your first salary should come with some sense of financial management and being debt-free is one of the ways to enjoy your adult life.

3. Send a token of gratitude to those who helped

You can spend money on so many things but these three could give you life time income

It is pretty easy to get carried away in the excitement of getting a job soon after graduation. So, when you get that paycheck, remember to thank all who helped you search for jobs and those who refer you to a Hiring Manager. Sending a thank you note to all of them note is not a bad idea. It is also okay if you send them some affordable thank-you gifts.

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4. Thank your parents

We can't afford to forget your parents on this list, they take care of you for years and getting them some meaningful gifts can actually bring a smile to their face. Although nothing you give can repay their efforts over you, just make sure your parents get something from your first salary.

5. Make yourself happy

Millennials are making money and are really doing well for themselves.

Yea, it's your money, you work for it and you deserve to pamper yourself with some good treats. Your salary is a reward for your hard work and you've got to reward yourself too.