Living on one income is not always easy. Sometimes, the way earnings disappear makes one thinks the money has got wings and decide to fly away as soon as you make them.

But this is not always the case when you are very conscious of how you spend your money.

As a one income earner, you shouldn't compare yourself with someone with multiple income sources in terms of spending power.

To cut your expenses according to your earnings, here are five working tips you need as a one income earner.

1. Reduce your housing expense

A shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. Having one give you the comfort zone everyone desires. However, if the better part of your earnings is spent on apartments, you may need to consider moving to a less expensive home.

Taking a decision like this could help you save more and also allows you to achieve more important financial goals.

2. Reduce your food expense

Since food is essential for living, it is possible to overspend on food. One of the common ways to waste money on food is eating out every time.

Remember you have only one income means, and it really doesn't make any economic sense to waste the little you earn. So, to reduce your eating out spree, you'll have to have a meal plan and start cooking your meal. This will no doubt help you reduce your food expenses.

3. Don't buy to keep up

Everyone has a different reason for spending their money. But, when you start to spend your money on certain items just because you want to feel like others or wear the latest designer because someone just got it, your earnings won't last.

There is no problem with this if you can AFFORD it. But if your earnings are not enough to earn you this lifestyle, you need not copy others. Just make do with what you have.

4. Learn to be content

The only way you won't be pressured into buying what you don't need because your friends buy it is to be content with what you have.

When there are no alternative income means, being content with the little you have will be your financial shield. It protects you from going broke and at the end, you'll enjoy being yourself.

5. Identify your needs and wants

When you are spending your money, you either spend it on needs or on wants. As a one income earner, it is important to identify and separate your needs from wants.